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Type hints for Abaqus/Python scripting.

abqpy is a Python package providing type hints for Python scripting of Abaqus, you can use it to write you Python script of Abaqus fluently, even without doing anything in Abaqus. It also provides some simple APIs to execute the Abaqus commands so that you can run your Python script to build the model, submit the job and extract the output data in just one Python script, even without opening the Abaqus/CAE.


The abqpy is built in Python 3 but the Python interpreter of Abaqus is Python 2, so you must write codes that are compatiable with Python 2 and Python 3.

Abaqus 2024 upgrades the Python interpreter to Python 3.10.5, so you can write codes without being compatiable with Python 2 from Abaqus 2024. See What’s New - SIMULIA User Assistance 2024.


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